Crisis Control

The missions of the Depthvale Detectives are aimed at defeating the evil villain Crisis, whose hands pull the strings of the crises of the world. By developing self-understanding, connection, knowledge, and competency, they learn how to add to the world, to contribute, in ways that solve crises—and prevent them from happening.

How Are YOU Defeating Crisis?

As Kaia and the Depthvale Detectives discover, we learn so that we contribute back. What missions are you and your students engaging in? Here are some ideas for your class or community:

    • For Ms. Monica’s class, the journey began with a story. What stories might your students create about using their learning to overcome obstacles, stand up to crisis, and add to the world? The villain in each of the stories is Crisis, and your students and their communities have the chance to save the day.
    • Like with “The Depthvale Detectives vs. the Evil Villain Crisis,” your students might also share their learning through performance. It’s a great way to bring what they’re learning to life.
    • Think back to the first mission of the Depthvale Detectives—”subject injection.” Whatever you’re learning, there’s always the opportunity to “inject” it with self-understanding, knowledge, competency, and connection. How are you adding other outcomes to the mix?